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Logistics- Flag Supply [Aug. 28th, 2005|11:59 pm]
Operation Iraqi Invasion

Statement of purpose

Logistics- Flag Supply

I will purchase and send you a fucking flag, if you go and put it up. I found a site that sells 'em for a reasonable price. $15, plus whatever it takes for me to ship to you.


I don't really have a budget for this, but I will spend as much of my own money as I can afford to get the ball rolling. Then maybe sponsorship or grants will happen. Or I could set up a benefit show, because I love setting up shows anyay.

 I would really like to get the Iraqi flag up on some flagpoles around well-traveled US highways in semi-rural areas. I have my sights set on a certain spot where I think the flagpole is private and may be rentable if the owner is sympathetic or greedy. If I can get a ride out there, this'll be the first picture in what will hopefully someday become an active livejournal community. Photos of Iraqi flags around the US. Hey, why not? I'm really hoping that this will necessitate the creation of another such community: photos or video of pissed off rednecks confronted with the Iraqi flag in what they see as "their territory" Now that's gonna make me happy! Confrontation, but hopefully confrontation we can learn something from.

But on top of that, what's the deal with the US flag always being placed on the highway overpasses? Who puts those there? You know, like these--

Let's get those replaced with Iraqi flags, and send your pics! (And don't be an ass and send me photoshopped jobs. Cheating doesn't help anyone.)

A friend of mine just called, and while chatting he pointed out how freaky it is to be from outside of the US, and then come here and see our flag flying EVERYWHERE, a sure sign of psychotic militant nationalism. Go USA!