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OPERATION IRAQI INVASION [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Operation Iraqi Invasion

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Logistics- Flag Supply [Aug. 28th, 2005|11:59 pm]
Operation Iraqi Invasion

Statement of purpose

Logistics- Flag Supply

I will purchase and send you a fucking flag, if you go and put it up. I found a site that sells 'em for a reasonable price. $15, plus whatever it takes for me to ship to you.


I don't really have a budget for this, but I will spend as much of my own money as I can afford to get the ball rolling. Then maybe sponsorship or grants will happen. Or I could set up a benefit show, because I love setting up shows anyay.

 I would really like to get the Iraqi flag up on some flagpoles around well-traveled US highways in semi-rural areas. I have my sights set on a certain spot where I think the flagpole is private and may be rentable if the owner is sympathetic or greedy. If I can get a ride out there, this'll be the first picture in what will hopefully someday become an active livejournal community. Photos of Iraqi flags around the US. Hey, why not? I'm really hoping that this will necessitate the creation of another such community: photos or video of pissed off rednecks confronted with the Iraqi flag in what they see as "their territory" Now that's gonna make me happy! Confrontation, but hopefully confrontation we can learn something from.

But on top of that, what's the deal with the US flag always being placed on the highway overpasses? Who puts those there? You know, like these--

Let's get those replaced with Iraqi flags, and send your pics! (And don't be an ass and send me photoshopped jobs. Cheating doesn't help anyone.)

A friend of mine just called, and while chatting he pointed out how freaky it is to be from outside of the US, and then come here and see our flag flying EVERYWHERE, a sure sign of psychotic militant nationalism. Go USA!
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Statement of purpose [Aug. 25th, 2005|11:59 pm]
Operation Iraqi Invasion

How do we reach a state where we feel others' pain as our own? Is it even desirable to seek such emotional knowledge? Fear prevails. Why would you want to identify with the people you are trying to kill? The people who want you dead?

Major Stan Coerr writes in his essay- "No One Asked Us" that the US invasion of Iraq is all good and righteous because it stopped the wife-beating bully Saddam Hussein from inflicting pain on others. His analogy of domestic violence is likely easily accepted by every American repulsed by the strong beating on the weak. However he only looks at the faults of the Iraqi people (weak) and the evils perpetrated by their former dictator.

In his case the fear of empathy doesn't emerge from a failure to try and understand the other, it stems from failure to acknowledge his organization's own mistakes.

Sure, the US military stopped the 'wife-beater', but only by sacrificing more than a few innocent children, and taking its place as the ruler of the 'dysfunctional household', continuing to punish and murder with only the best intentions.

How's that for your fucking domestic violence analogy Major Stan Coerr?

Maybe if left in power, but not unsuppressed, Saddam Hussein would have murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, some innocent from violence and terrorism, and some not.

United States military forces, from the time the first bomb was dropped, have murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, some innocent, some 'evil', and some merely fighting to defend their homeland from foreign invaders who show no sign of empathy.

The liberal media and younger, neo-conservative media ignore this. The properly established conservative media justifies it.

Does anyone care what the broad spectrum of Iraqi citizens feels when they see their country taken over by foreign military forces? They certainly liked Ahmed Chalabi's bid for power! There's no doubt that the Iraqi people who know they will benefit are happy and celebrate the coming of American capitalism and hope for an investment boom once the fighting subsides. But what about the vast numbers who fight against the USA's soldiers, regardless of their previous feelings about Saddam's cruel dictatorship?

Do they fight because they are so used to hating the powers that be, no matter what form authority takes? Do they fight beacause they want the Ba'ath back in power? Why are they killing American soldiers?

I don't know, and neither do you. And apparently neither does
Major Stan Coerr, who thinks the poor weak Iraqis should fall at the feet of their big strong American stepdad, and behave exactly as he says, because there's a new rule in the house. Because US forces fought to depose Saddam, they are apparently absolved of all accountability for the deaths of innocent non-combatants.

At least Saddam didn't try to cover up his crimes with such defiance and shame!

Do what you must, US military forces. Kill the people you're trying to save, and make a better Iraq for the world to see. But at least admit your mistakes! Apologize and try to make things better for the families you've hurt! Stop being so arrogant as to claim all your actions are righteous. Consider the price of Iraqi lives. Try and feel some empathy.

That's what this project is for. It's very simple. We're going to put up the Iraqi flag everywhere we can around the USA, right in public view. And every dipshit nationalist who sees it and feels offended, right then and there has no reason to say he doesn't feel what an Iraqi citizen feels, when a symbol of invasion parades itself around their home.
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(no subject) [Aug. 25th, 2005|11:59 pm]
Operation Iraqi Invasion
                                  Operation Iraqi Invasion
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